How do you see the work that you did versus the work that you do?

“I don’t mean to give you a Zen koan, but the work I did is the work I know,
and the work I do is the work I don’t know. That’s why I can’t tell you, I don’t know what I’m doing.
And it’s the not knowing that makes it interesting.
-Philip Glass

My commissioned work grew out of a fine art practice devoted to researching new, non-traditional materials on which to print my fine art work, including glass tile, capiz shell, fabric, and vellum. In 2013 I received my first opportunity to create custom photo-based wallpaper for Goat Hollow in Mt. Airy, in collaboration with Metcalfe Architects and Studio IQL. In the subsequent years I’ve had the privilege to collaborate with a versatile group of architects, designers, and clients to create immersive work that can transport people to a different place or blend seamlessly into the overall design. I have worked with wall-vinyl, glass, and zintra, an acoustic material that absorbs sound, and am able to take that knowledge to work with other materials depending on your needs.


The following information provides a general sense of my overall process. Since each piece is custom made and unique, projects begin with an initial conversation to understand your needs.

Phase 1 – Photography & Concept Development
I design up to four concepts for you to review. These include one architectural rendering per design.

Phase 2 – Refinement of Design for Production
Once the concept is chosen, I adjust the fabrication to fit the specific measurements of your wall. Here is where we’ll work out the production details, including material to be used. Print samples will be provided prior to installation.

Phase 3 – Production and Installation
At this stage, we’re ready to install. Once we’ve finalized all details related to the concept, wall size, and material, I prepare the artwork and send it to the printer, and then coordinate and manage the full installation. (Please note, if you prefer to manage the installation and production once the concept is approved, that can be discussed and negotiated.)

Once the design is accepted, the printing and installation takes approximately six to eight weeks