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“My partner and I have known and admired the work of Julia Blaukopf for several years, and were excited when we had the opportunity to collaborate on a piece for a residential adaptive reuse project.  Julia was wonderful to work with both in terms of the creative process as well as the technical implementation of the installation.  She recommended a piece she called “City Impressions”, which is a panelized photo-montage combining post-industrial urban imagery with images of nature.  The piece is beautiful, and seems to be perfectly suited to its context.  The feedback we have received on the installation has been overwhelmingly positive, and we look forward to working with Julia in the future.” 

Richard A Miller, AIA
RKM Architects 

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Taking images from historic Philadelphia and adding some modern abstraction to them, Julia brought history to life in a new modern apartment lobby for us at the Shirt Corner Apartment in historic Old City, Philadelphia. We have gotten countless complements over the years of how timeless and creative the images are in our apartment lobby.

Leo Addimando, Managing Partner, Alterra Property Group, LLC

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“The collaboration between designer and artist is one of visual storytelling, and mutual respect for the work being done to support the vision of a client. Julia was a great partner to work with to execute beauty and function in our project.”

Eileen Tognini, Eileen Tognini Design, Independent Curator

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I was looking for something interesting and cool for a new building lobby to match the neighborhood of my new apartment building development in Williamsburg.  I couldn’t find anything!  I worked with Julia to create exactly what I wanted down to color adjustments to match the lobby.  It still looks great!

Darren Anikstein, Great Point Properties, New York

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Julia Blaukopf is a superb artist and photographer who is comfortable working in the commercial and the residential worlds. Her design work focuses on fine art and documentary photography. Blaukopf produces custom photo-based architectural installations in a variety of materials, depending upon the preferences of her client. Blaukopf’s artistic comfort with producing custom work means that each client’s inspiration can become a reality as she expertly realizes and fulfills their unique vision. Her photographic art brings joy to all who experience it, no matter how often they spend time in one of her spaces. As a satisfied client who has hired her for both commercial and residential installations, I am thrilled to recommend her without reservation.

Joslyn G. Ewart, Founding Principal, Entrust Financial LLC®

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The Metro, A Portrait of the Artist


ZEEK Magazine, Rainy Sign

Book Covers for Random House, Anchor Books, Leapfrog Press, & Counterpoint Press for designer,
Ann Weinstock