• The Rain Parade: A Photographic Journey Across Ghana

    The Rain Parade tells the story of photographer Julia Blaukopf who, in 2006, traveled to Ghana to work with Women in Progress, an organization that empowers women through a sustainable business of clothing production called Global Mamas.

    Woven into The Rain Parade are Blaukopf’s experiences of the everyday, of mothers, artisans, leaders, workers, and women who use imagination to achieve prosperity for their families and their country.

    During this time she traveled throughout the country visiting the bead-making region, mountain villages, a remote fishing village, the big city of Accra, and the homes of Ghanaian artisans and professionals. Blaukopf scribed her experiences into a journal, detailing the moments of each day. These written impressions interact with Blaukopf’s photographs to create her story—a time that becomes a dream.