Goat Hollow

Goat Hollow restaurant in Mt. Airy, Philadelphia

Julia Blaukopf worked with Metcalfe Architecture and Design and Ennis Nehez to create photo-based wallpaper for Goat Hollow, a restaurant in Mt. Airy.

“I’m so glad that Julia understood what we were looking for; it really communicates the experience we
wanted to create.” – Neil Kleinman, co-owner of Goat Hollow.

The project was featured in Daily Candy.

“Her work ranges from gritty city scenes to images of her travels. Juxtapose strips of photos (such as hazy shots of palm trees with an abandoned railway) to form a narrative, or opt for one blown-up shot. If it all looks familiar, it’s because the owners of Goat Hollow tapped her to create a backdrop for the frite-eating diners in their revamped space.”