In 2016 Julia spent three months this fall in Germany, Italy, Portugal, Holland, and Austria. In Munich she focused on a new segment of Creatives Working, focusing on Architects working in Munich.

Simultaneously, Julia documented the experience of refugees from Syria, Afghanistan and beyond in Germany and Austria. Her work was published in Syria direct, a non-profit journalism organization that produces timely, credible coverage of Syria.

Modern Nomads: Moments in the lives of Syrian refugees in Europe

“I felt like I was witnessing history unfolding – seeing people who you know are living in the same clothes for months, who have witnessed atrocities and tragedies in their countries. They are now sleeping on the floor of the train I am on traveling to Munich and at that moment, that historical moment, we are sharing the same space and time and I feel helpless.”

Her solo show depicting photographs of “modern nomads”; whether artists, refugees or travelers of all types with a common thread of leaving their homes for
a new place, was recently featured at a Munich gallery.

The purpose of her images, Blaukopf tells Syria Direct’s Kristen Demilio, is to “capture intimate moments between families, strangers, travelers and workers.”

Read the full piece here.

Creatives Working is an ongoing series that exemplifies the working process of artists, inventors, scientists, storytellers, architects, craftspeople and so on who use original ideas to influence progress. Julia’s concentration centers on innovators – those that transform ideas into creative form and implement them into the everyday. Her goal is to convey true narratives through visual stories that will one day reach the public domain in open-air exhibitions.


Julia Blaukopf has photographed artists and workers alike along the West coast of the States, Miami, Philadelphia, Germany, Austria, Montreal, Holland, and New York where she documented artists for International Studio and Curatorial Program. Julia has also focused on Creatives Working at artists residencies at Oregon College of Art & Craft, LegalArt Miami, ARE Holland in The Netherlands, and in Germany where she was a visiting artist at Franz Mayer of Munich.

Julia travels extensively for her work. Images depict Lithuania, Poland, Albania, California, Copenhagen, Miami, Chicago, Kansas, New Mexico, Edinburgh, Germany, Amsterdam, Latvia, Estonia, Paris, Petaluma, Italy, London, Prague, and Sri Lanka.