Julia first traveled to Africa in 2005 to photograph for the Mt. Kenya Reforestation Project, a community run organization pioneered by Kenyan farmers. She composed a series of photographs based on her experiences planting trees in a tree nursery at the foot of Mt. Kenya. The photographs have helped to raise support for the Mt. Kenya Reforestation Project, and promote awareness for the community’s efforts of planting trees throughout the landscape. Then, in autumn, 2006, Women in Progress invited Julia to help them document and promote their efforts. Women in Progress works at a grassroots level to develop sustainable women-owned craft jewelry, clothing and batik businesses. With the support of fiscal sponsor, First Person Arts, Julia worked in Ghana for four months. She photographed and designed the 2007 Global Mamas catalog and created a series of images that have effectively promoted the work of the women artisans through national exhibitions, product sales and a book entitled The Rain Parade.

Julia continues to work alongside organizations and small businesses as a creative partner.

She has since photographed for Prevention Point Philadelphia, Art-Reach, and countless small initiatives in Philadelphia, Lithuania, Montreal and New York.

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