Julia Blaukopf is a photographer, artist and designer. She creates social art and focuses on visual storytelling through photographs and mixed media works, as well as photo-based tiles, wallpaper, window panels, and environmental installations.

Her focus is on emblems that compose the everyday; she chronicles the lives of workers, farmers, and families, blurring the line between what it means to document real life and create fine art. She has photographed for a women’s empowerment organization in Ghana, a reforestation project in Kenya, and collaborated with artists and organizations alike in Lithuania, Denmark, Holland, Germany, Sri Lanka and the United States.

Her photographs have been exhibited internationally, in Munich, Holland and Copenhagen, as well as nationally, in New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Portland, Oregon. In 2010, Julia launched Julia Pearl Designs LLC, an arts-products venture that pushes the boundaries to re- envision the possibilities for social art and photo-based products. Most recently, Blaukopf completed a photo-based wallpaper commission to create custom works for a Philadelphia restaurants, Goat Hollow and Girard Brasserie, as well as a co-working space, Culture Works Philadelphia, and The Shirt Corner, an apartment building in Old City, Philadelphia.


Photo credit: Rita Bernstein